All Globiss buildings have new contemporary fittings and fixtures. Years of experience have taught us how to create the model student room, using only quality materials. We know that the commual areas are very important for many students. These rooms are, therefore, cleaned and maintained by our services once or twice each week. This ensures that everything is just as it should be for a pleasant living environment.
The communal kitchen/living spaces are always hip and contemporary. With the help of creative students, who have lived in digs for years, the spaces become more fun and attractive (posters, photos, drawings and so forth).

Signing the contract

You should read the forms below. These are the documents that you need to sign when concluding a contract with us. If you decide to rent a room from us, we ask for a deposit of 250 euros CASH (upon signing the contract). Monthly rent can only be paid by bank transfer.

  1. Model rental agreement

    We operate with our own rental contracts at Globiss. We try to strike a good balance between our own requirements and those of students.


  2. Regulations

    There is a set of regulations attached to your contract. It contains the ‘house rules’ for living in student accommodation.


  3. Inventory of premises

    We have our own, detailed inventory of the premises. You receive two copies of this when you sign the contract.


Open house days

Are you interested in studying in Leuven or Ghent?
Or are you already studying in Leuven or Ghent but looking for more suitable accommodation? Then come along to one of our open house days.


Globiss organises its open house days in collaboration with the universities every year. These usually take place during April and May. On three Saturdays, you can join a guided tour around all our buildings. This gives you the opportunity to see what we have on offer and how we operate.
We announce the dates of the open house days on our website several months in advance - so you have plenty of time to plan a pleasant day out in Leuven or Ghent.

Important: Due to the current COVID-regulations we can not organise any open house days at this time. 

Useful links in Ghent

Handy phone numbers

Ambulance, fire department - 100
Police - 112
Poison Control Center - 070 24 52 45
Burn Center - 02 68 62 00
Suicide prevention center - 0800 32 123
Drug Line - 078 15 10 20
Chemists on night duty - 0900 10 500
Doctors on night duty - 0900 10 500
ICTS (internet problems) - 016 32 28 00

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