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Contact info

Tel: 016/20 60 88     (Leuven)
Tel: 09/233 96 88       (Gent)
Fax: 016/20 68 80

Opening hours

The Globiss office is open from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Outside of these hours we can be reached via the emergency number found on this page. 




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In case of emergency you can reach us at all times on the following number:
016 20 60 88 - Option 9
NOTE:  This number is only to be used in case of emergencies!!

When do you call the emergency number?
  • there is no electricity in the building
  • there is a water leak
  • in case of fire
  • there is no heating
When should you NOT use the emergency number?
  • you would like information about a room
  • your light bulb is broken
  • the internet isn’t working (contact Group Globiss)
  • you have forgotten/lost your key (the office opens at 9 am).


Our office is located at Naamsestraat 9, right on the Grote Markt and directly opposite the University Halls of KUL. It is not easy to find a parking space in the centre of Leuven, and therefore preferable to use public transport when visiting this student city.
The Globiss office is also within walking distance of the train station. Alternatively you can take a bus from the station (line 2, Zeelstraat stop). This bus stops in front of our door. If you still decide to come by car, we advise you use one of the underground car parks or park on the Leuven ring road.

Directions from Leuven Station for pedestrians
Stand with your back to the train station and walk straight ahead into Bondgenotenlaan. Walk all the way down this shopping street, across the Rector De Somerplein, until you reach the Grote Markt.
Naamsestraat runs off the Grote Markt (second street on the left - you can see the town hall and a large pub on the corner of the street).
The Globiss office is on the left hand side of Naamsestraat (after about 150 metres).

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